What’s Going On?!

Did I already title a moronically overdue post the same recently? Probably.

What’s been going on lately, y’all?! I’m constantly all over the place, as usual, and I’ve missed this platform. I have ten thousand unpublished drafts from the past few months and most of them will probably stay that way. Feels good to write, but I don’t need to put everything out there.

I don’t know exactly how it is for everybody, but for me, living in Abu Dhabi, it seems like time moves insanely fast. For example: we moved again (I know, I know, I know). It literally feels like it was SO LONG ago that we lived in the first house here, but it was only a bit over a year ago. It feels like maybe we just saw or spoke to friends, and then all of a sudden you realize its been MONTHS. Every time Henry hits a milestone I can’t even remember the day before when he didn’t: have a tooth, crawl, eat, walk, etc. I can’t even remember when Obama was president because…woof.

This particular year we had friends out, went to Oman, I’ve run a few races (“races” ha), picked a school for Porter which involved a LOT of applying, researching, visiting, playdating, etc. And we moved, and dealt with everything that that involves, which believe me…is a lot.

And all of a sudden it’s Ramadan again, we’ve got vacations planned, it’s a trabillion degrees, and I still haven’t lost the baby weight! Sigh.Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

We’ve done a bunch of fun things, too. Dubai always seems to lure us in on the weekends, so we’ve finally ventured up there a bunch more to see and do. There is so much to do in Dubai, and it feels just different enough from Abu Dhabi, so it’s nice to explore more but we always run out of time. Need a staycation, I think.

Also, brunches. It’s only taken us forever, but dipping a toe into the brunch world is long overdue. Dangerous, in the best way.

Over two years in now, and it seems like we are finally carving out more of a routine and lifestyle. It was the same in Sweden; we estimate it takes about 2-3 years to “figure things out” and get comfortable. I can’t imagine that new jobs, pregnancies, and new babies makes any expat move and settling in easier, but we’re doing it  😉

And just when you think a particular stress storm is about to pass, you get ill. Bed-ridden, can’t function, how-do-people-even-survive-this-shit sick. The house has been going through all of  that this month. Summer vacation can’t come too soon.

Vacation? YES. We’re headed back to Europe because we can’t quit it, despite always saying we’ll try to go somewhere else. It’s close! Tickets were cheap! And we’re doing so many things on (my) bucket list! Matt suggested *one* location and I was like, but if we go there then we can do this, and this, and see this, and all of a sudden a quick get away became three weeks, three countries, and entirely too much money –  I’m half regretting the entire thing right now. Matt’s like, “YOLO.” And since he funds things right now, yolo it is.

I might try this crazy thing where I make an effort to blog like a real blogger on this trip. Such as sharing tips and quips and pics in real-time. Don’t hold me to that. For the sake of being creative, I have hearty goals for this space. It just seems to be a constant wrestle between real-life and creative and scholarly pursuits. I’m getting there, though!

2017 is turning into the year where I am really realizing the need to keep things simple in all areas of life. We are paring down, cleaning up, filtering out, and it’s providing us with some more room to just enjoy life. This is kind of hard time of year – end of the school term, Ramadan, and the true beginning of the long, hot summer – but we’re in the best place we’ve been in a few years. I’m looking forward to what there is to come, both planned and some hopeful new opportunities. That’s what’s going on!

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