Things to Remember in the New Year

Is the end of January too late to blog about any sort of new year’s resolutions?

First up!

– I resolve to appreciate Sweden more. Because it’s not that I don’t already appreciate this incredible opportunity to live here, but sometimes I let little expat frustrations boil up to a point that I’m not proud of. Whenever anyone asks about how it is to live in Sweden as an American, the best thing I can think to say is, “Living here is just as comfortable and nice as (well, nicer than) living in the States, but it’s the subtle differences that can really throw you off sometimes.”

no matter what, sweden, the stars and bars aren't yours to be used as a fashion statement.
no matter what, sweden, the stars and bars aren’t yours to be used as a fashion statement.

It’s a bit difficult to get the Swedish groove on things (like why people walk directly at you, or why everyone wears white converse, or why there’s no yellow cheddar 😉 ), and I think any American (at the very least) would agree. I think anyone in any new country would agree that it takes time to figure it all out. I just don’t want to complain about anything in the slightest and/or let things ever bother me (sometimes they do! bad!).


– I have the time now (such a gift!), so I’d like to get back to immersing myself in art. Drawing, crafting, sewing, whatever; I’d like to just get back to doing what I’ve loved forever and stopped once I graduated college and got a job and then got too tired and frustrated to do anything but turn on Bravo TV and zone out with wine.

A good excuse? Making art for the baby’s nursery! I am bursting with ideas and I can’t wait to let loose with the creativity. Also, my far-more-talented-than-me best friend from the States found a month-long art challenge for the new year and asked me if I wanted to take part in it with her. Great minds think alike 🙂


– I resolve to get out of the apartment more. To walk around, to run silly little errands, to go to the library, to get used to the way Swedes walk… You know, all around general social behavior. Or to just get out to a café and order more coffees in Swedish, so that by the time we leave I can tell people that I could speak enough of the language to get by (getting coffee IS getting by).


The best part of this plan is that the coffee shop baristas are generally the nicest people in town too, and can understand my bastardized Swenglish. Score! Coffee is good, too.

The worst part of this plan is that it’s hovering somewhere around polar arctic temperatures and going for a walk is torture when you realize your snot is frozen (thus, you can’t breathe through your nose), the 3 layers of wool aren’t nearly enough, and to change songs on the ipod/use the phone/take a picture you must be willing to lose a hand to frostbite. Somehow, I always forget these pitfalls when the sun is out because I’m still a California girl and sun=warm no matter how many times that’s proven to just not be true (and/or opposite).


So, kids, there you have it. My 2013 resolutions.

Appreciate more. Do more art. Get out of the house.

Sounds healthy.

All three definitely inspired by the up and coming addition. Can’t let that one down!

ROCK ON 2013!

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