Bangkok, Thailand

Downtown Bangkok Shopping Centers

Thailand is obviously well-known for its food and food culture. When I read about a mall food court called Food Republik, located in Siam Center, I knew it would be a good place for us to visit. First, because it is highly recommended and second, Siam Center is located in Pathum Wan District, known for its […]


The Loppis – Baby Goods Edition

Theme song for this post: Cliche? Don’t care. I’m all aboard the Macklemore train. Two blocks away is a store where we’ve spent the least amount of money for the greatest return. In Sweden, it’s called a loppis – thrift store – and it’s stocked with people’s household cast-offs. Obviously Swedes have awesome “cast-offs” and […]


Throwing Together A Nursery On A Budget

We’re incredibly lucky to be able to live off one income now; however, that doesn’t mean that we can afford much more than groceries sometimes. Sweden isn’t a cheap place to live, everything costs a little bit (or a lot) more than in the States. Except for Ikea, where prices are pretty comparable and why I […]


Swedish Skinny Pants Are Ruining My Life

I totally don’t have my ish together. For almost 28 years now, I’ve tried to get it together. I’ve tried to be in shape, with great skin, and wear comfortable, cool outfits. I try to boost my self-esteem by saying, “Katie! You have done [this]!” and then I can walk a little taller for a […]