Having A Baby In Abu Dhabi

We’re having a baby, my baby and me! In the UAE! It’s a bit different from our first go-around, in Sweden. I’m in my third trimester now, so I’ll write a bit about how things have been going for me, kind of like I did before, just a general run-down of what it’s been like to […]

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North Sjælland, DENMARK – April 2013

In April of this year we took a trip to Denmark with a friend, and I remember coming back home and feeling so invigorated to immediately write up a post allllll about it. Um, then I didn’t and now it’s November. Hopefully by the time we leave Europe I can actually write a decent travel post […]


Birth Story – Part Two

It was exactly 8 hours from the first timed contraction to Porter’s birth. 8:11pm to 4:11am. The first timed contraction was the third “real” contraction that I’d felt. I understand this is a fast labor & delivery, especially for a first child. Piper, our crazy little diva hound dog, had assisted Pete, our anxious-nervous bird […]


Birth Story – Part One

One of my first thoughts after the Clearblue stick read “Gravid” was, “Oh shit. I have to give birth.” As much as I have always wanted a baby, I have always had a fear of childbirth. I didn’t ever think I’d be one to want to have a natural delivery, but I had resolved to […]


The Swedish Midwife Experience – Part 2

We last left off at the week 24 appointment, where the midwife measured fundal height and listened to the heart beat with a doppler for the first time in the pregnancy. After week 24, I started seeing my midwife more often: once a month for the next two months, then a visit three weeks later, […]