Happy (day after) Halloween Y’all! I seriously forgot how much I LOVE Halloween until after we dressed up for two (!!!) parties this year. Dressing up the baby was kind of a must, since it’s his first Halloween and all, but to be honest I wasn’t really that into it. Until….my Mom insisted on sending […]

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Oslo, NORWAY – July 2012 : PART ONE

Ahem. Now that it’s August 2013, I mind as well write about our short trip to Norway…from July, 2012. Swedes tend to take off time for their semester (vacation) in late July. That means when most people who work on Malmen, the airbase Matt works at, aren’t there, he really has no need to be there. If the planes […]


We Have a Newborn

Dude. How do people blog with a newborn? Sure we’ve heard (far more than necessary) that we’d be so tired and so busy, but in reality…we’ve just been unable to put him down – by choice. And a baby in the arms leaves at least one hand unable to type. It’s been two weeks since his birth and […]


Keeping It Real

It’s snowing just a bit too much for me these days. Shocking. How many times can I complain about snow? It’s not surprising that it’s cold and snowy here…it’s just a bit much compared to last year (our first experience). Even the Swedes say this is unusual for it to snow this much/this late. Last […]


Swedish Sun

The bad news is that it’s hard to feel motivated to do much when it’s always overcast and the promise of more snow lies forever in the forecast. It means the sun is that much further away, and layers, wet dirty paws, and ice continues to be an all-too-real reality. The good news is that today it […]