Swedish Advertising Is My Favorite

I’m sometimes an advertising nerd. I really, really like a clever ad campaign…or even just individual print or TV ad. Surprisingly, or not, I despise commercial breaks, and of course I appreciate it if the people making the commercials consider that they are interrupting my show. But, despite my hatred for commercials, and awareness of HOW they manipulate my buying habits, I also am woman enough to admit that I have purchased things just because of a good ad.

Also, when you move to another country, you tend to buy the brand that is somewhat vaguely familiar to you. Even if you have no idea what any of the words on the packaging mean…

Been there.

Sweden is different from America in that their ads don’t primarily sell cars (seriously took me a long time before I saw a car commercial!), and they are some combination of pretty to look at, funny, and witty. Though they are similar to American ads in that they are played really, really loud compared to the actual TV program.

As for my favorite commercials below, though, I don’t always mind 🙂

First up! Frank.

I love Frank. Mainly because we speak the same Swedish:

That wasn’t good? Felt good!

Then, there’s the one where Frank and Dick google something bad. I also did this one time, at work (awesome), when looking up running shoes from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Heh. We are big fans of Frank in this household.

Then there was the commercial with a super catchy song, and…I had absolutely no idea what it was about:

When I found out, I liked it all even more. Almost as much as I love the keyboard player.

I really don’t need to know what most commercials are about here for them to almost make me cry:

She doesn’t want the croissant!

And poor Ulf!

Sigh. You can really feel it, can’t you?

Just me?

And, of course I love me some redheads, Judit & Judit:


…Matt thinks they’re stoners.

Those are all awesome, right? Are there any that I’m forgetting, or that you guys love?

I have a feeling I could keep up bi-annual “Favorite Swedish Commercials” posts…


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