Last Week of May

The past week has been a big one. I guess I’ll start back at last Friday, to round out a whole 7 days. Highlights included homemade chocolate balls (Sweden! Why are you hiding these?! I’m almost willing to hold it against you but I wont because they are so.good.), and fresh lilacs. Where the hell […]


Sweet Buns

Today, I just didn’t want to work on school. Sorry, I needed a break. I spend these days worrying over my thesis project, worrying over it already being distributed not by me, but by other people finding it in its baby stage and tweeting it out, and worrying about if anyone is going to care […]


Residency In Sweden

When moving to Sweden, we had to apply for residency. This post is certainly not a “how-to” or anything official, it’s simply our experience. It’s easier when you move to Sweden with a great job already lined up. It’s even easier when said job is with a big company, like Saab. It’s even easier when you already […]

Blog Travel

Day Trip to Örebro

Örebro Road Trip from Katie Haverluk on Vimeo. We rolled up to Örebro with the dogs for a little day trip. It was freezing, there was an accordion player, and it was amazing. So, I filmed it.   It’s not too long of a drive to the city of Örebro, Sweden from Linköping, so we decided to […]


Shipping Dogs to Sweden

This was originally posted on March 7, 2012. Shall we get down to the nitty-gritty about what it’s like to ship two unruly, anxious hound dogs to an expensive foreign country? Oh, yes please! Nothing else in this move mattered to me aside from the dogs. Our house, meh; our furniture, I could deal with […]