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MANA LOA Sierra Raglan Tee Review

Al Ain Oasis

One of the most beautiful places you could find yourself on the West Coast of the United States is in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in California. Many a great explorer, artist, athlete, wanderer, and soul-searcher has made the Sierras their playground – including myself! Mana Loa Clothing, says in the description for the their Sierra Raglan tee, that “sometimes to get in touch with our higher selves, we need to literally change elevations.”  Which might be why my crew team purposely summited Half Dome each year – to challenge us, to tap into our reserves, and to show us our strengths once we reached the top. It is no wonder these mountains have inspired some of the greatest in their fields.

Mana Loa Sierra Raglan


I was given the Sierra Raglan shirt to review, and used the inspiration to get out and explore more of the UAE.

Al Ain Oasis

One of the most famous sights to see in the Abu Dhabi emirate is the Oasis in the center of Al Ain.

This city is a playground for adventure. Lying at the base of the magnificent Jebel Hafeet mountain and surrounded by golden-red sand dunes, the city also boasts six oases, with the Al Ain Oasis (<– excellent information) being the largest as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The natural wonders surrounding and within this city are awe-inspiring . People from all walks of life are constantly outside enjoying them.

Sand Dunes, Al Ain, UAE

Since we like to get out and explore whatever we can in the UAE, we decided it was time to see more of Al Ain. We’ve never been to the oasis before and this is really the perfect time of year to experience it. When we arrived we were directed to the eco-center to learn more about the oasis: the ancient irrigation system still in place, and the heritage of the Emiratis who lived and farmed here before.

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Today the oasis is farmed by the many families whose plots have been passed down for generations. The irrigation system here is one of – if not the – oldest in the world, and hasn’t changed much in the past 3,000 years. The water comes from the nearby Hajar mountains and no trees are allowed to be cut down to preserve the heritage. When walking through the oasis it is like being transported to another place. It is a restorative place providing not only sustenance, but peace. The canopy of palms, smattering of various other trees, winding pathways and irrigation canals, is incredibly beautiful. The only sounds are birds, the wind through the trees, and the rare sound of rushing water from some of the canals.

My favorite part was learning about the roles people had in the farming community. Emirati heritage is fascinating and important to learn about when visiting the UAE because one might forget to dig deeper when there is so much innovation, luxury, and growth here. A friend described this place as “a modern boom town”, which is fascinating in and of itself to think about, but learning more about the rich heritage of the tribes and bedouins before the “boom” is so valuable. Such a simple way of life, yet so much we can learn from.

Mana Loa Sierra Raglan

After exploring the oasis we took off to find some sand dunes to climb before sunset. What we found was a ton of people already out on 4x4s, off-roading over the dunes, horse riders, and families setting up picnics and enjoying the evening. It was busy! We took off into the desert and found ourselves a vantage point to watch the activity and enjoy the sunset. We even spotted our first desert flower!

Mana Loa Sierra Raglan

Mana Loa

I really loved wearing the shirt, but had to fight my husband for it! OK, it might fit him much better, as the sizing is generous, but I love a great baseball tee! The Sierra print on the shirt is simple and graphic, but cute and interesting, too. I love the subtle green tones in the design. I am so happy that Mana Loa provide the shirt for review because, not only do I love the shirt as a former CA girl, but I truly love what the company is all about.

Mana Loa Sierra Raglan Tee

Life is meant to be lived, actively, curiously. Living the expat life naturally gives us these incredible experiences, but it’s also our family’s interest to get to know people when we travel. To see how locals live, thrive, love, and play. We’re blessed beyond belief to be able to choose our adventures, and we remember to give back when we can. Mana Loa provides food and other essentials for children in need, for one full day, for each purchase made from their company.

Not only do I love their prints – and literally want nearly one of each item – but am happy to contribute to a company that gives back, too.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Sierra Raglan shirt for free from Mana Loa Clothing in consideration for a gear review

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