abu dhabi supermoon


It’s a quiet, calm Saturday morning, I woke up early with the kids and fed the dogs. I made coffee and pancakes for the family, got everyone settled and finally, finally, am able to retreat to the office by myself for the first time in a very long time. Hallelujah!

downtown abu dhabi

It’s comical how, no matter what, in the past few weeks every single time I’ve been able to walk away for a second I will be called back almost immediately. Or how everyone has been sick every single week. Or how every single time I’ve fallen asleep, I’ve been jolted awake just as I have drifted off – at night but also during those rare luxurious nap times. It’s funny because I’m certain most people can relate to all of this in some way or another.

Matt was away at a conference a couple of weeks ago. Do you know where I’m going with this? Thankfully, the world didn’t completely fall apart (unless you consider the Presidential election as doing so… which happened while he was gone), but I had hurdles coming at me left and right, keeping me on my toes.

First of all, we all know Daddy’s going to be gone well in advance. The adults plan accordingly: paying bills, getting groceries, lining up someone to help me with the dogs, etc. The children plot accordingly: “Let’s both be sick at the same time!” We woke up the morning of his departure with coughing, runny noses, and scratchy throats to wave him goodbye. I was mouthing, “Please don’t go!” with bleary eyes, not only over coffee and then at the airport, but as his plane as it flew over us later that morning. What I wouldn’t give for 15 hours of movies, drinks, and sleep 😉

At least I had election coverage to keep my mind busy. Since we’re an entire half a day ahead here, early coverage of voting started just after bed time. My darling little children, who normally sleep very soundly for the first part of the night at the very least, gave me no break that night. I knew it wasn’t the best idea, but I tried rocking the baby back to sleep while watching the TV, to no avail. I thought it was the light from the TV, but no, my little chunk was actually in the process of popping out TWO teeth at the same time.

The next morning, after nursery school drop off, I came home to the undeniable news that somehow Trump won the electoral vote. Unbelievable to everyone – even the Trump supporters it seemed. It was like watching a reality show. Which is unsurprising for our society, yet such a sad state of affairs to be in.

I would’ve loved for a woman to become President. I would’ve also loved for a great business person, or military leader, to hold the highest office instead of a career politician. I see the appeal in that. However, and I don’t think I’m alone here, we had two candidates that were exactly that, yet neither were really the right choice. I voted third-party because I feel we need another voice (or more), and the two-party system is divisive – and at this point disgusting. In case you’d ask if I regret that now that Trump has been elected, no I don’t because I didn’t vote in a swing state. In fact, every state I’ve ever lived in was decisively blue (for Hillary in this case). My vote did add numbers to a third-party candidate, though, which is exactly what I wanted. Just a bit of perspective.

Moving on.

The ceiling started leaking again. The tire on our rental car went flat. My laptop died and wouldn’t boot up. And Facebook blew up into a fiery inferno of opinion, but at least I could delete the app off my phone and not deal with that one thing. Plus, many other little everyday obstacles that can add up to feeling like a lot, especially when you’re going it alone and in a foreign country.

abu dhabi supermoon

Despite all of that, we constantly adjusted and managed, and with great relief welcomed Daddy home with big hugs. Single parents, and those who have spouses who work long or away, I bow down to you.

As usual, life hasn’t calmed down since he’s been home, but we’re managing, as you do. I’m firmly in a place where sleep isn’t as important as it used to be and I surprise myself with how little I can get by on.

Monday night, we managed to rally and make it downtown to watch the super moon rise (the pictures in this post are from that evening). Being down at breakwater with all kinds of different people, watching this celestial event was really nice after a week of tumultuous news out of our “home” country. I appreciate the good here. Yesterday, I ran in the Abu Dhabi Striders Yas 10k (not the half marathon). After a night of very little sleep, sick children (the zombie apocalypse will most definitely start at nursery school), and a tendon in my foot that was so painful (whyyyyyy the night before a run?!?!). But I made it, and I did it! I got to experience another race with my awesome running group, cheering each other on, so happy for everybody’s accomplishments. What a lovely thing to be a part of, all around!

And afterward, I got a SWEET nap. This morning, I got a bit of time to write this blog. My kids aren’t feverish and hopefully on the mend (again), fingers crossed.

Things are looking up. Or normal. I’ll take normal and uneventful for a bit 🙂

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