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Day Trip to Örebro

Örebro Road Trip from Katie Haverluk on Vimeo.

We rolled up to Örebro with the dogs for a little day trip. It was freezing, there was an accordion player, and it was amazing. So, I filmed it.


Örebro Slott Örebro Sweden
Örebro Slott

It’s not too long of a drive to the city of Örebro, Sweden from Linköping, so we decided to head up there one day to check it out. I’ve been in love with the castle there since I first learned how to search for Swedish images online and I was itching to see it in person.

When we arrived we parked the car at a big city park (Skytteparken/Stadsparken area) and walked along the canal trail to the castle, then on to the Stora Torget. All in all, it was an easy day drive and really enjoyable sunny day, despite it being super cold.


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