Christmas Eve Preparations

preparatory reading material

This post is originally from December 24, 2011.

My Mom generously set us up with some books to get us started. I supplemented the collection with currently popular Swedish literature. I am admittedly way late on the Stieg Larsson train…

Also, that beer is there because it (or alcohol rather) is rumored to ‘increase our capacity to learn’. Unless, of course, you ask Benny Lewis. Hrm.


The Beginner’s Swedish book comes with CDs, which I’ve uploaded to iTunes and hopelessly try to speak along with. I’m jazzed to learn Swedish, but I guess all Swedes speak English so I might not get too far. Lazy American.

The other 2 books are really fun to look through and will likely come in really handy.

does he look like he’s moving in two weeks?

And finally, we’ll get real with you. There is no real preparation going on now. Tomorrow is Christmas, so we’re trying to just enjoy our time off really lazy. Packing for our international move is the new diet: we’re starting tomorrow.

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