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I’m Katie, I’ll be the one rambling on this blog. Matt is my husband and the one making all my dreams come true. Pete and Piper are our two hound dogs who have been on this adventure with us from day one.

second inspiration and reasons why life is happy

As we’ve lived in two countries abroad now, we’ve also had two babies abroad – one in each place!

Go Bears!
Go Bears!

Matt and I are both from the West Coast; however, we met on the East Coast. He was a Marine working on the President’s fleet of helicopters and I was a recent graduate from California living and working in D.C. Our master plan was to find any way to get back west, but  when Matt got a call one Friday night asking if he would be the lead of a team of mechanics teaching Swedes about Blackhawk helicopters, there was only one answer to that. YES, can we leave tomorrow?

We spent 3 years in Linköping, Sweden and will never quit our twice daily fika. Now, we live in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, where it’s entirely too easy to spoil ourselves for our twice daily fika.

abu dhabi corniche skyline

It can be a scary process moving abroad, but more than that, it is exciting! Since I like to talk…a lot…this corner of the web is where I can write it all down, get it all out, and keep people in the loop.

There are also two very important things everyone should know: I will never be able to properly express my gratitude for these opportunities, and everyone is invited, nay, encouraged to come visit.

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  1. Hi Katie- so enjoying your blog! Especially enjoyed the mushroom hunting and the farmers market pics. I’m an Oct. bday too- 17th to be exact and LOVE everything about the fall, leaves and pumpkins. Reminds me of Okinawa-I was the only one who had any canned pumpkin, the commissary had none and the Japanese don’t use it. I bartered some of my precious cans for all kinds of other scarce goodies and I got bags of treasures to please my family. Such memories- Cleve and I are leaving for Albuquerque tomorrow for a 2 week trip. The balloon fiesta is going on and I’m spending my birthday in Santa Fe. Google the La Fonda hotel in Santa Fe and see the history etc. Its one of my favorite places. Hope to see some friends, see my Mom etc. Think of you both often and love seeing your adventures

  2. Hi Katie- surely enjoying hearing about your travels, home and thoughts about everyday happenings. i actually giggle at some of your observations and the description of a Swedish tortilla wasa great! So glad you made some, they have masa in Sweden? Awaiting the Hurricane Sandy and all of its aftermath, otherwise all is the same here.

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks so much for reading 🙂 We miss you and all the neighbors so much. I hope everyone survived unscathed through Sandy! Sounds like a nice trip to New Mexico, hope it, and your birthday, went well! I still want to take Matt to the Balloon Fest one day. This is such a silly blog, just to keep memories and pictures for the future, but I’m happy I can make you laugh 🙂 I’m also happy this is one way we can stay in touch in between phone calls. Say hello to everyone from us! We too think of you guys and are so thankful for all you.

  3. Hi Katie – I love this blog. I am moving to Linkoping for work in the new year and bringing my dog Otis, so I enjoy the stories about the dogs 🙂

  4. Hi Matt and Katie- enjoyed your Christmas photos and beautiful snow pics too. We actually had a little bit of a White Christmas, enough for the beach baby grandkids to swoon with joy! Expecting 5 inches tomorrow but will see if the weatherman is right. We had Melissa and her husband and three kids here and it was a fun, frenzied time and we are pooped. Lucy is worn out too as she doesn’t want to miss anything. Nathan got a drumset and the noise actually made her shake and hide. Cleve is off until after the 1st and sadly is sick with a horrible cold. We hope to catch up on some movies,read some of the books we got for gifts and just be lazy. I’m knitting mittens for the grands. I made potato, green chile and ham soup today and just happy to spend more time with Cleve. Yes, even after about 44 years we still like each other and don’t need a lot of glamour. We wish you continued good health and happiness and will continue to enjoy hearing about all of your adventures. We are long time listeners of Prairie Home Companion, and they always talk about ludafisk -have you tasted it? I have to admit that it sounds awful and your picture didn’t make it too inviting!

  5. Hello Matt and Katie- such a wonderful and exciting time for you both! I’m sure your families are thrilled and anxious to have their “babies” so far from home. You look beautiful in the photo with the dogs and the snow. We got a scattering of snow last night and FREEZING temps to go with it, now that it is cold I can sit by the pellet stove and work on my knitted afghan. Have you checked out knit and yarn shops there? A good time to knit baby stuff and another good way to see a new place and meet really nice people. I’m seeing a precious little red haired and rosy cheeked cherub to bless your lives. Are there any other little ones in your building?

  6. Hey, nice job capturing the good life. I know your husband Matt from Sikorsky. I recently moved to Sweden with my Swedish wife and I start work in Linköping in a few weeks. Would be cool to link up. Feel free to drop me a note. My email is mbgaller@hotmail.com.

  7. Hello Matt and Katie!

    Thank you for this blog. I am also an American living in Sweden – a little more South in Nässjö (outside Jönkoping). I enjoyed reading a few of your posts and look forward to hearing about your future experiences living in Sweden. My husband is Swedish so last year we packed up and decided to move here. It really is such a beautiful country and I have found integration to be very pleasant. Currently I am taking a Swedish language course and earlier this year was able to start my own business here. Perhaps we can share some experiences! My blog, Talulah Lee, is associated with my jewelry company, which I have started on my own since moving here. You can read a little about me here: http://www.talulahlee.com/About_s/1829.htm.

    1. Hi there! Wow, congrats on opening your own business here – your jewelry is beautiful! Sweden is such a beautiful country, isn’t it? So easy for Americans to live in, thankfully. That’s not something that I’ve taken for granted here, at all. I’d love to share experiences! If you’re ever in the Linköping area and want to fika, shoot us an an email. I love that this little blog can connect us with people here 🙂

  8. Hi Kate.
    I have just moved to linkoping in Sweden I am from the UK. I was wondering if you would get in touch via email thanks.
    I have just moved to linkoping and would love some help and advice if you would be so kind.

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