A Bit of a Vacation

In lieu of taking multiple mini-trips to close by places, like we did in Europe, we decided to save up for one big trip this year. It’s about time we slow down and learn to relax on vacation, at least a little bit in between exploring and adventures, and that’s exactly what we did this time around. Three weeks, two countries, a lot of adventure, a lot of down time, and some much needed family time.

This year we decided on Australia! But because we were going down that way, New Zealand had to be included too, because we’d be so close. Australia and New Zealand have been places Matt has talked about going to for a long time. Since we’re ever so slightly closer while living in the UAE, and with only one kid at this point, we were like, “Now or never. Let’s do this.” We swapped a trip back home for this vacation and, though it was a really tough decision to make, we decided it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I’d like to do separate posts talking more about each country, mostly to put up pictures and give some details about what we did, but for now, here’s a few panoramas I took while out and about:

Sydney Harbour

Lake Tekapo, NZ

Aoraki/Mt. Cook

Lake Wakatipu, NZ

Coogee Beach

Bondi Beach

Look at all that water!

More about the trip soon.

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