Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

2017 Recap because I never blogged…

Well, what can I say. I haven’t blogged much this year, for a variety of reasons, although I have wanted to share a lot. I always want to write more about the our extraordinary expat experiences, and of course it’d be fun to post about the day-to-day life in Abu Dhabi, too. But, that didn’t happen because 2017 was a doozy.

I do update the blog’s Instagram far more frequently, so if you’d like to follow: @westcoastabroad

Also, I do plan on eventually posting more about most of this stuff in the future. Stay tuned! But be patient because you never know with me.

Let’s do a little re-cap of 2017, shall we?


  • Muscat, Oman

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  • Italy
    • Milan
    • Verona
    • Mantua
    • Venice
  • France
    • Nice
    • Provence Region
    • Saint-Étienne
    • Lyon
    • Chambéry
    • Annecy
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Seattle, Washington, USA

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  • Rome, Italy


  • Henry turned ONE

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  • We moved (again)
  • Porter turned 4

  • Henry started nursery school
  • Porter started big kid school
  • We visited “home”: We played tourist, played with grandparents, went to a beautiful wedding, saw beautiful friends. We drank great beer, witnessed the total solar eclipse at 90%, and bought a house.
  • We said goodbye to our beloved Pete.

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  • Caught the city Stage of the Abu Dhabi Tour
  • Matt and I went to the Marine Corps Ball!
  • We finally got to experience Formula One at Yas Marina Circuit (it’s not just for running around?) including Mumford & Sons and Pink!

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Around the UAE!

  • We drove up to Hatta to see the Hatta Dam, because that water is so beautiful!

Hatta Dam

  • We went to the Liwa Date Festival
    • Where we saw a Sheikh in person for the first time!

Liwa Date Festival

  • We finally went camping for the first time in Fujairah.

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  • We drove to the top of Jebel Jais – the highest point in the UAE.

Ahhh, 2017. What can I say? It’s been a seemingly difficult, introspective year for me. But even typing that out makes me want to kick my own ass. I am blessed beyond belief. I’m committed to making myself 100% more productive in 2018 because when I don’t get shit done, I feel stagnant and unhappy with myself. That’s no good for anybody.

I’m not sure what this year holds in store for us. We’ve been here for longer than the contract Matt signed three years ago obligated – but isn’t that the case for most people here? I’m in no real rush to leave, but always excited if new opportunities arise. Despite the somewhat unpredictable nature of this expat life, I am interested in taking full advantage of any opportunities in Abu Dhabi. I just love it here and am always so excited to experience more, hear what amazing things people are doing here, and be a witness to the innovation and changing landscape of the UAE.

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