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Wandering around Viggeby

viggeby7viggeby4viggeby3viggeby5viggeby1viggeby2viggeby6viggeby8 There is a huge network of trails crisscrossing all of Sweden, and we decided to check out a nice section of the Östgötaleden trail, in an area south of Linköping called Viggeby.

This was baby P’s first time hiking (well, trail walking) and he did awesome in his Baby Bjorn. He even got to wear his first pair of hiking “shoes”. IMG_3086

Matt subscribes to Backpacker Magazine and they always have awesome photography tips (hooray for me!). One of their tips was the mention of the Magisto app, which basically just makes a rockin’ video for you, out of your uploaded iPhone video clips. As much fun as I have doing my own video editing…it’s pretty much not going to happen with a baby, so this app is not only timely but it’s also fun!

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