Amsterdam, Netherlands – July 2014


A photo heavy post!

We went to Amsterdam for a couple of days to meet up with my Dad who was flying home from a work trip. He managed an extended layover at Schiphol, where conveniently enough KLM flies to direct from Linköping twice daily. Of course, I hooked us up with an Airbnb place and we planned to just see what we could see in the short time we were there without going overboard. After all, Grandpa just wanted to hang with his grandson and relax after two weeks of working abroad. ams8

Logistics: Flew into Schiphol via KLM, took train from airport to Amsterdam Centraal (20 mins), then took a tram to IJBurg West – an island neighborhood outside the city, only 10 minutes or so from downtown. The apartment was a 3 bedroom (one with a crib!), 3 floor, beautiful place that was perfect for families and relaxing. Porter had tons of toys and space to keep him busy, which was awesome, and there were cafes, and every kind of store you could (and we did) need within a couple blocks. We walked and took public transit everywhere we went and it was incredibly efficient and cheap. ams1ams4ams5

Amsterdam would be the most fun place to live! It’s filled with young people having fun and tourists everywhere, but it’s also impeccably beautiful and casual – always a relief for us from Sweden. The first day, we wandered the canals and got lost for fun; we found a patio to eat a great long lunch on; we walked in the rain while Porter napped in his stroller (a first for him in many months at that point); and we popped into a fun toy store and an American food store (bought a wooden camera toy, and Lucky Charms, respectively), among others. The day was meant to just wander around and look for gifts or souvenirs for our family members, and by late afternoon we headed home for dinner.ams2ams3ams36ams6ams7babytravel12ams12ams14ams10ams13ams33ams21ams30ams19ams17ams27ams20ams23ams29ams35ams24

The next day we took the tram over to the Heineken Experience, as tourists (with babies) do. After the tour and some lunch on the rooftop, we took the Heineken canal boat back to downtown Amsterdam.ams34ams37ams32

We got a decent taste of the city, but of course a long weekend is never enough! Same goes for seeing Grandpa, too. ams31ams22ams26ams25

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