Positive Response for @Sweden

First published January 29, 2012 – theredlens.com

Especially after Hanna, talk about Sweden’s curated Twitter account took off around the internet. I’ve enjoyed following @Sweden from the beginning of the curator project, partly because I have a great interest in Swedes, but also because it IS entertaining.

I enjoyed making a video about the growing phenomenon, as seen in my last post, and it seems that – to my giddy excitement – others liked it too! Imagine my surprise when my little amateur video was retweeted, and then imagine a (slightly embarrassing) happy dance when I saw that visitsweden.com‘s very own twitter account tweeted about it! I’m excited to talk about and continue to analyze @Sweden’s impact on Twitter. It’s an innovative and interesting way to market…the country? Swede’s themselves? As if this country needed more positive things to describe it and the people (in my opinion), but it really does bring in more fascination. Perhaps that’s why other countries have created their own curated accounts.

Accounts representing Mexico, the United States, Leeds, Australia, and now “Basques Abroad” have different weekly users busy showing the world around their lives and engaging with people in topics ranging from favorite beer to politics to current local happenings. What better way to cultivate interest, easily ask questions, and possibly make new friends? This new wave of accounts is bringing the personal side of Twitter to a global stage, like an interactive, constantly changing brand that keeps readers coming back for more.

At the end of my last post and video, I asked readers to take a survey on whether you felt @Sweden is a good idea. Is it good for the country? Is it an intriguing new way of using Twitter, or social media? Is it interesting? Out of all the people who took the survey, only one so far has said that it’s a bad idea. I’d be interested to hear more opinions on this new way of using Twitter, so please comment!

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