Novice Rowing Camp

First published on October 23, 2011 – 

Last week’s Occoquan Chase inspired me to find out more about the rowing community in Prince William County. After approaching Hylton High School rowing coach, Miller, I heard about a promising group of novice rowers.

Going out on the launch with Miller to watch practice, I not only reminisced about my first days learning to row, but was immediately impressed with these novices’ abilities after only being on the water for a few weeks. Though their blade work and timing will improve with practice, this crew was moving together well; all eight rowers in sync and applying nice amounts of power with each stroke.

The high school competitive season is in the spring, so during the fall, interested students can attend camps where they learn the basics of rowing. These camps take place at the Oxford Boathouse in Lake Ridge, VA, which also houses multiple other area high school teams as well as master’s rowing programs.

The rowing community is made up of great people and if you’ve ever rowed before, you’ll find new friends in boathouses across the country. I really appreciate the opportunity to go out on the water with Coach Miller to watch practice and find out how other rowers are getting their start. These kids have a promising future ahead of them.