Mana Loa Sierra Raglan Tee Al Ain Oasis

The Red Lens

Who are you?

A woman continuing her journey to become a better writer, photography, and visual artist. My interests lie in the human condition, and my aim is to give a voice to those who live for their passions and make our communities a better place.

What is The Red Lens?

The Red Lens was my graduate school blog. I obtained my Master’s of Arts degree in New Media Journalism in 2012 and the articles shown within the drop-down menu are from my assignments. They follow my interests, my community, and current events from the time (2011-2012).

Where are you from?

Loaded question. Originally, the United States, but becoming increasingly more a citizen of the world.

Where are you now?

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Where do you want to be?

With a natural drive towards being creative, I am constantly finding inspiration in everything. My interests are photography, graphic design, and multimedia composition. I love to combine different elements to tell a story, and I like to tell stories of real people. Struggles, joys, and passions – the basic elements that bring humans together.

West Coast Abroad, and it’s previous iteration Linkoping with Love, contains my writing, stories, and photography post graduate school. My aim is to continue sharing on this blog to not only keep a log of expat living, but also to continue to develop my media and writing skills where possible.

As a reader, what can I do?

Grab a coffee and let’s discuss.