The Dentist


I went to the dentist bright and early this morning. It was my second visit since living here, the first being only a few weeks ago.

Matt and I finally got the dental insurance through the försäkringskassan and made appointments to get “cleanings”. Well, our first visit was basically just an assessment – no cleaning involved. We each ended up scheduling second appointments, Matt for a visit with a hygienist and me…an appointment for a filling. Aside from this cavity (my first!) I was told my teeth are perfect. Hmph.

I went in today, thinking it’d be no big deal. I’ve never really had a bad experience with the dentist save for one children’s root canal when I was a naughty little 8 year old who didn’t brush her teeth. The worst of that experience was feeling the Novocain shots, and anyway it ended up not scarring me for life. Today’s experience, at the local Folktandvården (dentist office) was not bad by any means, no pain, but the aftermath of this filling? Holy mouth-ache Batman!

I complain mostly because it’s inconvenient to eat right now. Had I known what to expect I’d have had a feast for breakfast. What fun is eating when 1) you’re already limited because you’re trying to lose baby weight and 2) it feels like teeth grinding with a topping of ultra-sensitivity?! No fun, I tell you.

I’ve made somewhere around 5 calls to Matt today to confirm all of this pain is consistent with a cavity filling, and also to complain about it. Natural childbirth? Easy! Cavity filling? F*&@#%!!!

I totally blame the lösgodis, ice cream, and sugar-loaded everything (juice, cereal, yogurt, bread, etc.) that I ate until I got smart and figured out either how to ditch the crap and/or find much healthier alternatives (not as easy as it would seem for a foreigner). That being said, it’s all my own fault and I promise that I will do whatever the hell it takes to prevent another cavity in the future.

Brush your teeth, kids.


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