Bangkok Canal

Bangkok Tourists

It’s been a year since we were such Bangkok tourists and I still haven’t posted most of the pictures. Sad! After our first day venturing into Bangkok to see Wat Pho, we decided to head back up the Chao Praya to see the Grand Palace. The goal was to take the public river boat transport, […]


Our First Day in Bangkok

I was firmly against going to Southeast Asia with young kids. Then we went there with a 3 year old and a 6 month old. I have historically been totally pro-travel with young kids, but I drew the line at SE Asia. Something about more hot and humid weather, lots of young well-to-do Westerners looking to […]


Vienna, AUSTRIA – July 2016 : PART ONE

We traveled to Vienna, Austria in July 2016! It was our first trip as a family of four! As if through divine intervention, a few factors miraculously came together in the final days of nursery school before summer which allowed us to make last-minute travel plans: Henry’s passport finally came in; at the same time, […]

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Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS – July 2014

Amsterdam! A photo heavy post! We went to Amsterdam for a couple of days to meet up with my Dad who was flying home from a work trip. He managed an extended layover at Schiphol, where conveniently enough KLM flies to direct from Linköping twice daily. Of course, I hooked us up with an Airbnb […]

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Traveling With A Baby

Do not be afraid to travel with a baby! Nervous, worried, and a little anxious are all positive signs that you are likely a very good parent. If you worry about your child’s well-being, your well-being, and not disturbing the peace around you, then you’re doing it right. Just don’t go overboard with any of those feelings. […]