Vienna, AUSTRIA – July 2016 : PART ONE

We traveled to Vienna, Austria in July 2016! It was our first trip as a family of four! As if through divine intervention, a few factors miraculously came together in the final days of nursery school before summer which allowed us to make last-minute travel plans: Henry’s passport finally came in; at the same time, […]

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Paris, FRANCE – April 2014

Grab yourself a bottle of Bordeaux and let’s escape Sweden for a bit, shall we? Oui. Despite the nearly idyllic lifestyle that Linköping provides, it is necessary to escape on the regular to remain sane. It’s nice to be reminded that not everything is uniform, lagom, or rolled out on a schedule (holiday pastries, spring Converse, […]

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Copenhagen – December 2013

When my friend solidified plans to come out here with her family, she and I decided (for the group?) to take a mini trip to Copenhagen. So just after Christmas day we all set off, the four of them on a train, and Matt, Porter and I in the car, to meet up again in […]

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Antwerp, Belgium – December 2013

When we initially arrived in Brussels (via the Brussels City Shuttle) we were dropped off at Gare du Midi, and immediately bought individual 10-journey metro tickets, and a shared 10-journey train ticket. We used the metro tickets to get around Brussels – where we were staying, and the train ticket to go to Bruges first, then […]

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Bruges, Belgium – November 2013

Bruges is beautiful! Touristy, but definitely worth it, so don’t miss it! I can’t imagine how many people would be there in the middle of summer – glad we visited during the “off-season”.  It is located in the north-west of Belgium, about an hour-long train ride from Brussels. It’s in the Flemish region, where we realized […]