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Sweden Bucket List

The motto these days: We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.

Let’s call it a year until our time in Sweden comes to a close. There is still so much we want to see, accomplish, do, etc. And practically no time to do it. Says me…who’s had two years here already…but there’s always more, right? Is anyone ever ready to leave a European sojourn?

There’s always going to be those big European cities we want to visit, and those beaches and forests/vineyards/markets/churches/etc we want to see, but the cost and time isn’t realistic to galavant all over the continent (or further) this year. And, we’re in SWEDEN (the motherland)! I might be sad we didn’t visit Paris while we lived in Europe, but I’d feel almost ashamed if we didn’t see more of our host country – especially since there is SO MUCH here that we want to see and do.


So, here is our Sweden Travel Bucket List (for our own future reference and will likely be added to as we hear about more places/remember more places we’ve been told about):

And, I know I’m barely skimming the surface here because we’ve already had a Swedish friend take us around and show us places we’d have never even known about, like, Stegeborg and Femöre Fortress,


and mushroom picking!


And we’ve been to a fika inside a friend’s old Swedish home that I thought I’d died and went to Scandinavian interiors heaven (been to a couple of those homes, actually!). And we’ve been to a beach on Lake Vättern that pretty much rivals any California beach I’ve been to (northern and southern). And we’ve stumbled upon some pretty awesome local places as well, just getting out and seeing what there was to do…

imageKnight’s Games and Christmas Market at Ekenäs Slott

imageSturefors Slott

None of which we had any idea about before but still have become treasured memories.

Then there are silly personal things, like…

  • To baptize Porter. How cool would it be to have that done at the Domkyrka? No matter the place, we’re working on scheduling that out.
  • Matt wants a moose. He’s already been helping local friends and farmers hunt their properties, and was actually asked to help out on a moose hunt recently, but no moose was to be had then. We will take drives every once and a while to hunt Katie-style (shooting with a camera) but I still haven’t seen as much as I’d like. I would like a big ass bull moose picture and/or a big ass red stag picture.
  • To collect a few nice Sweden goods/items that will last us forever. Matt has a nice Gränsfors Bruks axe now (Merry Christmas!), I’d like a pair of Swedish Hasbeens (or similar), and Porter will get to pick out his own Fjäll Räven mini Kånken backpack before we go. Totally predictable (stereotypical) material goods…but I can’t drag all the furniture and tea towels I want on a plane back home…so, there.

Anyway, those are just some of the things that come to mind that we’ve talked about having accomplished “sometime”. The time is now and if we don’t get on it, we’ll miss our opportunities and that would be unfortunate/I’ll never forgive myself. Every weekend from now until December could be booked with things to do. It’s a daunting task, but I’m willing to sacrifice myself to the job. No, please don’t make me travel all over beautiful Sweden! Said no one in this house EVER.

AND (!!!) if there are any suggestions for places to go, things to see, fikas to be had, DO TELL!

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  1. I would first like to say thank you so much for your blog. As an American in Sweden (and now pregnant) it has been incredibly helpful.

    Then I would suggest a few other things in Sweden to visit.
    1. Tyresta National Park – it is just south of Stockholm. They have one of the only remaining primeval forests. There is also a section that was burned in wildfire years ago that is absolutely incredible looking.

    2. Åre – the big ski area in Sweden, but I would go in the spring or summer. It’s quite pretty, there is Sweden’s largest waterfall nearby and there is a moose farm nearby. The moose farm will take you out and let you pet and feed their moose.

    1. Hey Melissa! Thank you so much for the comment and suggestions! All of it sounds incredible and I am definitely adding these places to the list. Might even have to try going to Tyresta NP soon since it’s so close. Congratulations on your growing family! If you have any questions about anything or just want another American to talk to, feel free to shoot me an email 🙂

  2. Hi Katie!

    Greeting from another American in Sweden. I previously commented on your posts as they have been so helpful and its good to see the point of view from another fellow American girl living in Sweden…..=)

    If you can take a day trip to Jönkoping, south not too far from where you are now. Its a great city with a large lake, and you can go to Husqvarna too which is a quaint town that is sort of connected to it. Husqvarna is also the huge international company that makes power tools and lawnmowers – which you can find everywhere in the world, I am sure you know. There is great shopping there in the old part of town and you can have a fantastic lunch at the new Performing Arts Center.

    Also, I was going to ask you, will you be selling any of your baby items before you depart Sweden, such as your crib and changing table? I may be interested to purchase them from you!

    1. We probably will be selling a LOT of stuff, and potentially the furniture so I will keep you in mind! Thanks so much for the recommendation on both towns 🙂 Maybe I’ll email you before we head down again, and if the timing is right we can meet up for a fika?

      1. Thanks for keeping me in mind. We are actually expecting a baby in mid late October so are very excited. Your blog and experience has been helpful from an American perspective. Yes if you find yourself in Jönköping again, let me know. I live closeby and will gladly meet you for fika!

  3. It´s interesting to read what you would like to see and do in Sweden. Even if I´ve lived here all my life I have to admit I haven´t travelled as much as I want to in my home country. It´s easier to go somewhere else and that´s a shame.

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