Stroller Handle Quick Fix

I’ve got a quick fix for your stroller handle if the padding on yours has been damaged or needs to be replaced.

Our beloved Baby Jogger City Mini has travelled with us far and wide and been absolutely awesome through all kinds of elements. But we left it in the back of our car here in Abu Dhabi at the beginning of last summer. Not for long, but it doesn’t take much. As it happens, the rubber on the handle split. Then it  was exacerbated after a few walks around the neighborhood and at Yas Marina Circuit. Since it hovers between 100F/40C and Hades, it’s no surprise that some rubber split, but I still felt bad and we needed a fix.

So, here’s what I did:

Giant Bike Handle Tape


My Dad was a huge bike guy when I was growing up and I’ve seen him wrap handlebars before, so I thought of the brilliant idea of using handlebar tape for the stroller. We picked some thick, cushy, tape up at a bike store in the Al Seef shops and I finally got around to the project today.

It doesn’t take long, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Get the old rubber off your handle and make sure it’s clean.

stroller handle quick fix


Then bust out your tape roll, and start by taking some of the adhesive backing off.

stroller handle quick fix

stroller handle quick fix


Starting on one side, begin wrapping the tape. Hold the edge down, pull the tape tightly around the handle bar, and overlap by about a centimeter or so.  This tape has raised edges where it kind of naturally overlaps. Just keep doing that all the way around, remembering to pull and keep the tape taut as you wrap.

stroller handle quick fix


There is some finishing tape that comes with the package that you use to secure the handlebar tape, or you can use electrical tape. Before you finish with that part, make sure you’re happy with the symmetry of your wrap job. I started too far over the first time and unwound everything to begin again. No problem, it re-wraps just fine, but I don’t know how many times you want to do that, so be careful.

You can probably tell that I still didn’t get it perfectly centered on the handle, so I actually might try it one more time. In person it looks fine, it’s just in pictures that I see it’s not perfect.

But just look at that!

stroller handle quick fix

Feels so niiiiiice!

Took me about 10 minutes, cost 69AED ($19), and looks great. Stroller is ready to go!

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