Scandinavian Animal Nursery

Welcome to our Scandi-Ani nursery!


OK, we don’t really have a “theme” per se, but this is a Scandinavian nursery with a bunch of animal decorations. I loosely tried going for an “aviation” theme, to include hot air balloons, airplanes, and of course helicopters…but then there’s all the cool transportation prints and toys, too… And then I wanted to include animals – definitely the elephant, but also moose and red stag.. But, you really can’t go anywhere great with that because it all just clusters together weirdly.

What I love, love, love, though, is a modern, minimal Scandinavian room. I love bright walls, and clean lines, and furs. I love everything to be functional, but also beautiful, so I went with that idea.


The nursery turned out to be close to how we had planned it. On the floor, we laid the red/white cowhide rug, we have the IKEA Gulliver crib and changing table, and the new Selje nightstand in blue. We wanted to keep a bed around just in case, so we traded out the big double guest bed for a small european single (80x200cm) that we’re using as a sort of low daybed. The room is substantial for an apartment, but it is still a bit crammed with furniture. The placement of the wardrobes, the window, and the electrical sockets all contributed to the final arrangement, which, while not my favorite, will work well enough for us.

I wanted the crib against the wall it’s on because I think it will be quietest and safest there. The dogs click clack up and down the hallway, sounding like jingling freight trains in the mornings when it’s feeding time (the eat right across the hall from the baby’s room, in the laundry room). The crib couldn’t be placed under the window mostly because of the danger of the hanging curtains, but also because the fierce (hardly setting, Scandinavian) sun, noise from loud partiers at night, and no screen on the window should it be open (Swedes don’t have bug screens on their windows 🙁  ).


The only thing over the crib is the adorable IKEA Leka Circus mobile, which I love!


In the “feeding corner” I have my thrift store chair, boppy and blankets, and a few small Lack shelves to hold keepsake toys, books, ipod speakers, and a digital photo frame baby can watch whenever he wants (family time!).

i made that boppy cover!
i made that boppy cover!


The Selje table was a fun impulse buy, and cheaper than the side table we were going to get. It’ll be good for books, bottles, etc. and it’s so low that I don’t worry about banging a baby head on a corner (like our previous side table).


The chair also sort of looks out the window at the view of Domkyrka…which is a sight that will never get old.


The daybed will be a nice place to play and watch play in the future.


Over it, is the moose I harvested from a cute little store called Epok (on Storgatan). Who would’ve thought I’d be the first person in the house to put an animal on the wall, huh?! We’ve also hung my favorite poster EVER – a Swedish animal alphabet poster by Lotta Bruhn, from my favorite baby store EVER Uni (also on Storgatan). They carry the most adorable baby clothes and toys, as well as Life Factory glass bottles (hooray!), but at a nice hefty price. The poster, though, was reasonable and we couldn’t pass it up. If I could, I would buy everyone I know who has a baby something from that store, it’s that much fun.


The changing table corner is one of my favorite baby spots I’ve ever seen before. I hung my circles painting above there so the little babe could be mesmerized whilst getting his business taken care of. Next to the circles is a cloth 2013 calendar I bought Matt for Christmas. I found it in one of the tourist shops in Gamla Stan, Stockholm and had to get it for him because of the fish. Matt is a happy fisherman, and I knew he’d appreciate an artful rendering of the different types of fish and where they’re from in Sweden. His parents got him a “Trout of North America” illustrated calendar for 2012, which he loved, so I tried to carry on a tradition of sorts. Bonus, it’s a cool cloth calendar for the year and from the country our first child will be born, so it’ll be worth keeping around forever 🙂


Between the blue elephant changing pad, to the colorful BumGenius diapers, I actually can’t wait to put it all to use! I’ve put some lavender massage lotion my sister gifted me up there, along with Sophie, and another giraffe lovey from his Farmor.


Since it’s recommended that there be something plush underneath the changing table, in case (god forbid) the baby roll off, I’ve put a (faux) plush lambskin down. Feels so soft between the toesies! And apparently great under the belly fur…according to the resident hounds.


Other touches around the room include a pillow from Greece from my BFFE Martha, a dracaena marginata plant that is supposed to clean a room’s air, and small white Granit frames that hold ultrasound photos and a couple prints I made up on my own (one of his name and birth city, and another of my retro camera logo).


All in all, it’s just a lovely space, and I’m so looking forward to the time spent in there. It’s a bright, happy space (that also comes with dark blackout shades and dark curtains!) that I hope can be the place where many great memories are made.

With a couple days until my due date and absolutely no feeling that anything is going to happen anytime soon, it’s still hard to believe this room is for our own baby. This whole pregnancy thing is pretty incredible. Mind blowing, really. It’s the most natural thing in the world, yet still seems so wild that I have a human inside me that my own body has grown. I really love creating things, but am usually too impatient to really bring to fruition anything exactly how I want it, or how I see it in my head (kind of like this nursery). Luckily, nature has a way of forcing patience on us Mamma’s, but I guess the wait, the end result, the creation, is pretty great.

I’m looking forward to seeing this little creation any day now.

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