Run Around Yas Marina Circuit

We may have different ideas of “fun” but if you’re here in Abu Dhabi and want to do something super cool (um…or hot?) here’s an idea: take a run around Yas Marina Circuit!

Train Yas, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit is the Formula One race course here in Abu Dhabi, located on Yas Island, next to Yas Mall and Ferrari World. Tuesday nights (#TrainYas) are open to anyone who wants to bike or run (or walk) around the track, from 6pm – 10pm. The race course is 5.5km, and there is an option to cut through the track to lower the distance to a 3km, if you like. The evening is free, but you do need to register beforehand. Once you register online, you go to the registration tent at the entrance to YMC to collect your ID card that is then used to scan you in each week. You can also rent shoes, bikes and helmets if you need to.

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

Really fun evening option if you live in or are visiting Abu Dhabi and want to get out on the race course!

This past fall they opened the track on Sunday nights as well (#StartYas). Wednesdays have always been open for Ladies Night (#GoYas), where the track is shortened to 3km. Check with @ymcofficial on Instagram each week to see if the track is open that night, and for what other events and activities are going on at Yas Marina Circuit (I participated in the Zayed Marathon 5k last year!).

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

We started going (well, I started dragging Matt out there) February 2015. It was closed for the season when we moved here, but I was watching out for it to open, anxious to go run around the iconic course. During our first year here, I tried to get out there as often as possible, even braving the heat and humidity of the summer (thankfully they provide water at three different spots around the track). In the beginning, I would run and Matt would walk pushing Porter in the baby jogger. Once our things arrived from Sweden, we started jogging together with my beloved jogging stroller. Man, I missed that thing for the six months we were apart. Unfortunately, the stroller arrived in June…just as the weather turned too hot for me to feel comfortable taking the toddler out. It wasn’t until late October that I started taking him with me again and didn’t feel too guilty. I’ve missed out on going for the past few months due to the end of pregnancy and having a newborn. I’d like to get back out there ASAP, though.


The track is so much fun! First of all, is there anything more beautiful than an Arabian sunset? No. Get out and enjoy it! There is always a gorgeous view of the sun going down, or the moon coming up, in the evenings. The course is mostly flat, but has a couple of “hills” – enough to keep you entertained. The highlights on the track are the long straightaways between the grandstands, and going under the glittering jewel box that is the Yas Viceroy hotel. The energy in the evenings is awesome; lots of people out there pushing themselves and plenty of people out there just enjoying an evening walk, too.

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

Again, I might be crazy for enjoying something like this (I’m sure Matt would confirm this, though even he admits to being happy when he’s gotten out there with me), but as bustling as it can be with people, I can’t be too wrong.

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