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I finally finished The Paris Wife. My Mom suggested it last December when we went to a bookstore in Georgetown together. I found so many novels that day that I wanted to buy and read, and the thought that I’d soon be a SAHD(omestic)G(oddess) made me almost justify dropping hundreds of dollars on them. December is a good time for me to want things, though, because I can never find reason to buy for myself when I could spend money on someone else, for Christmas and all that.

The book made me want to cry at the end (I love books like that). I don’t know why, because I knew Hadley didn’t stay with Ernest forever, but I couldn’t fathom them not together. I loved them together, even though I hated Ernest’s behavior on behalf of Hadley. And Bumby! What about Bumby! Damn that Pauline. What a B. Now I want to tear into every Hemingway book I can find.

Matt and I both love Hemingway, and living in Europe makes it all seem more romantic.



pretty picture to make up for rant...


In weather news: the snow came and came and came, then it was slightly warmer than freezing (literally) for a couple of days and a lot of the snow melted. I enjoyed this. Snow is beautiful and makes everything bright again…but layering up gets old quickly.

snowytrees snowycanal snowybridge

It did get really cold one night, after a particularly melty day, and the church turned white with frost all over it. So pretty!

frostychurch3 frostychurch


frostychurch2 frostychurch4

And it just keeps snowing. Sweden, I tell ya. Worth it, because it’s gorgeous.


Sometimes, Matt and I want to go out to eat for something other than “Swedish food” (to include traditional dishes, bun-handicapped hamburgers, and kebab pizzas), blame it on how spoiled we’ve been to live around tons of amazing, different ethnic food forever.

not the ethnic food i was thinking of...
not the ethnic food i was thinking of…

We decided to try this new little British cafe that looked promising, but also offered tea time with scones and clotted cream (yum). The food…was still Swedish. In fact, the meat pie tasted kinda like a Mexican dish; however, it wasn’t even latin inspired. The scones and clotted cream, though, those were spot on. Delicious!

Ordering was difficult because no one understands our Swedish, still. In any case, it’s funny to hear Matt order any meat dishes, because the word for that is kött, pronounced: Shit.


Speaking of speaking Swedish, in my head I speak a combination of English, Swedish, and French. If I’m concentrating on thinking in Swedish and I don’t know/remember the word, I automatically default to French, then to English. I can’t wait until I try to say my number in Swedish and it comes out half in french, because to me…nine in another language is always neuf. I once even answered “Oui!” to my Swedish teacher’s question. Oops. The secret to speaking Swedish, we’ve determined, is that you have to be coupled up with a Swede or it’s just never going to happen. Too bad for us.


Christmas season! We really should have tried the traditional Swedish Christmas buffet (Julbord). In all fairness, Swedish food is good (despite my bellyaching) and we happen to know some fancy chefs in town, so how could we not have?! Regrets.

We’ve tried glögg (yum!), pepparkakor (hells yes), and the St. Lucia bun – lussekatter, or saffron bun. I’ve never had a Swedish sweet that I haven’t dreamed about and coerced Matt into buying me on random Saturday mornings…but the saffron bun straight up tasted like soap and I couldn’t eat more than one bite. Seriously.

lussekatter letdown
lussekatter letdown

I’m nervously awaiting my forced deportation for not like them.

In other Christmas news, we’ve decided to partake in the advent candle lighting. Each Sunday, Swedes light one of four candles, or if you’re us…you light the one candle you bought, each Sunday, with the advent numbers counted down.


Some candles you even light each day and they burn down. I love this tradition! If you get the four candles, there are little decorations for them, to sometimes include a tray filled with moss, red and white mushrooms, and little Christmas gnomes. Swoon!

I’m enjoying being here for Christmas. This is such a pretty country, and the holiday decorations – stars, lights, candles, mushrooms, pigs, gnomes, and snow – just make it so cozy!

I’ll say it all month: We truly wish everyone the happiest of holidays this year!

nervous hound dogs are the best!
nervous hound dogs are the best!

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