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Easy Paint Circles

I’m going to do something totally different today and link up to the Young House Love/Bower Power Pinterest Challenge blogger-project/link-fest.

Pinterest Challenge

You may have heard of one or both of those blogs…if not, you’re either a blog junkie living under a rock, or you’re not into DIY home improvement stuff. Either way, those blogs are bright and shiny and full of awesome ideas/beautiful homes/fun families, and I’m pretty much addicted like any other lady-person on the planet.

Sherry and Katie are linking up with Megan and Michelle for this winter’s crafty fun 🙂

Coincidentally, their winter seasonal Pinterest Challenge project popped up right when that I was (finally) finishing my first project for our house in Sweden (and for the bebe’s room)! Here’s the rundown: you’re addicted to Pinterest, you pin something you’d like for your own, then you do it, then you show it off!

Despite my penchant for baking and habit of pinning mostly recipes for fatty baked goods, I actually am not going to show you a donut that I made (because I haven’t made them) (because I don’t own a donut pan) (yet).

I made what I affectionately like to call “Paint Circles”.

paint circles 1

I first saw this project mentioned on Meg’s blog, Whatever, then I followed her links over to The Pleated Poppy where Lindsey showed how she did hers.

meg's craft-weekend "paint circles"
meg’s craft-weekend “paint circles”


Apparently it’s inspired by a canvas seen at World Market? And Lindsey calls it the more appropriate, “Inspired Canvas”. Anyway, it’s a totally pin-worthy image/project/idea, and I promised myself I’d do more art this year, so all in all this is just perfect timing for everything!

Here’s what: it’s so easy! and it makes for a pretty cool canvas painting. And I think the baby will like staring at the colors and pattern – right? Babies like that sort of thing, right? Whatever, Mamma does.

paint circles 2

So with a lot of love, and some cheap supplies, I created my first piece of artwork in quite a few years, and the first labor of love for our upcoming heir.

First, I asked Matt what colors he wanted for the baby’s room, because you’ve seen my vision of the nursery, in all it’s neutral Scandinavian glory, and I figured Matt would be best at picking out the main colors. Enter why I love him so much, via email:

Me: Tell me your two favorite colors for baby.

Matt: I am thinking hunter green and/or navy blue.

(Swoon! And DUH! Why I hadn’t already considered those 2 shades is beyond me, because they are the two colors that rule my life. Stereotypical blogger boy room colors or not…) Then, he sent me this:

Matt: Kind of a swatch of boots, no less:


The man sent me a picture of Hunter boots in the two colors. This little act, and ones like it, will always make me love him more. It’s like he knows my brain even when I don’t. None of this probably makes sense…but, masculine colors and boots that reek of British elegance – while also being the footwear of choice for British hunters (the royal ones, I mean), is just so perfect for our two personalities. The Minimalist and The Hunter (no pun intended). You can figure out who’s who in this relationship. I hope.

paint circles 3

So, colors decided, I headed to the local art store to buy a canvas big enough and some paints. The canvas-appropriate acrylics didn’t really come in a ‘hunter green’ or ‘navy blue’, so I just bought what they had and then paired them with a yellow ochre (blue+yellow=Sweden) and a shiny silver (for some neutral fun). Then I just grabbed a cheap plastic IKEA cup, traced it out all over the canvas (and it fit perfectly!) and started painting. I measured nothing beforehand, and did no planning of color location whatsoever. I just winged it all, hoping for the best, and I’m pretty happy with the result! I may go back and make the colors more saturated and less streaky if I feel it needs it…but I’m not that big of a perfectionist. Today.

paint circles 4

I love project like this because I don’t have to think too much. BravoTV doesn’t exist in Sweden (at least not on our basic 10 TV channels), and that’s how I used to turn my brain off for a while, so I’m happy I found a more stimulating activity to replace my faves: all the Real Housewives (but still not happy that they, and Andy Cohen, aren’t in my life now).

I have a few more art projects to complete for baby’s room, which I’m finding more inspiration for on Pinterest through a smattering of images, pictures of tattoos (that’s right), and ideas swirling around in my head. Once the nursery is more set up, I can’t wait to share how it all comes together. In the meantime, we have to wait to get rid of a giant guest bed, and find a place to store the stroller seat attachment (sittvagn), car seat, and Matt’s hunting gear/fishing gear/tools/and random stuff. I’m getting real antsy up in here! Luckily, we spent last Saturday night getting real crazy and nesting up in this apartment – paper filing, organizing closets, and properly storing stuff (finally) like gangsters.

I’m totally lying, it was more like the elderly because my back hurt after 30 minutes of standing and looking through paperwork. This third trimester is no joke.

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  1. I love it!
    Also, The Real Housewives was always on TV3 during the day when I lived there, if you get that one 😉 My personal weaknesses are Top Model and Project Runway.

    1. Oh yes! I forget about the re-runs, but I just realized that they are airing episodes I haven’t seen now, hooray! I love all the Top Models from around the world. I got hooked on NZ last summer 🙂

      1. I did, too! Although I have to admit that I sometimes had to use the Swedish subtitles to understand what they were saying….and I don’t even speak Swedish!

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