Peak of Fall




Matt lets me sleep in on weekend mornings, which I am forever grateful for. This past weekend, I woke up mid-morning, happily well rested and refreshed, and came out of the bedroom in search of the fresh brewed coffee I was smelling. Baby was ready for a nap, and Pappa was rocking him; I went to retrieve said coffee and spied homemade biscuits cooling on the counter. How this man finds ways to make homemade biscuits while keeping the baby happy is beyond me. Then…I saw it. Out the window.



I used to live in fog. I would walk to school in the eerie streets, not really able to see the houses that made up my suburban neighborhood, though they were only a front yard away. I learned how to drive in the fog. It was just a part of life…but then I moved away and haven’t seen fog like it since. Sometimes I miss it, and sometimes there is a slight hint of fog in Sweden that makes me want to burst out of the house and run toward it taking pictures.

There’s the tag #chasingfog…and it’s so appropriate. You really do have to chase it, and it’s fun and worth it for a great shot. Maybe there’s a type of crazy person who wants to capture the mood and beauty that fog creates? And maybe I’m just part of that crazy.

So, Sunday morning, I looked out the window and saw nothing for the first time. Just a low crawling cloud and all white. I spun around, “Matt! Why didn’t you wake me up for this?!”


“Um,” he replies, “because I thought a few extra hours of sleep were more important?” Sweet man. But, no. Not when there is such thick fog that one can’t see Domkyrka! So, a hurried series of events then transpired – to include a dog walk, baby nap, and getting dressed just enough to stay warm, but not necessarily look presentable – and once our little baby muffin woke up, we set off in the car to go find ourselves some foggy scenes.



We know of a killer aspen grove up in the forests north of Linköping, and I figured that would be a great place to get some shots. Bright yellow leaves! White bark! Fog as a backdrop, and the first morning light glowing through!




We set off in that direction, but stopped everywhere along the way that might look cool, until I was like… Let’s not stop anymore unless we KNOW it’s a good shot. After all, I didn’t know when the fog would burn off and I didn’t want to waste any time. What if we saw a moose? You can’t beat a moose in the fog in Sweden!

…I am that particular brand of crazy, aren’t I?


Well, the aspen grove (not above) didn’t look as majestic as I’d have hoped, but that didn’t stop Mother Nature from showing off. OMG FILTERED LIGHT.




Then, where we were at, the fog completely burned off and the most radiant sunshine fell across the farms and forests, and it being the peak of the peak of fall, the multitude of autumnal colors positively GLOWED and SPARKLED. And then I could no longer take pictures because at some point you just have to enjoy it all.





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  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I’m really loving reading my way through! I’ve been in Sweden for just over a year now, and my husband and I are also from the US. So here is my super important question to you: where did you find chocolate chips?!

    1. Hi! Thank you 🙂 Yes, chocolate chips, very important! I have found them at only one Hemköp in town (not both, of course) and the ICA Maxi. They are in little black bags (white, milk, and dark) in the baking section and they’re a Danish brand, I believe. Look for the word ‘knappar’ …it means buttons, chocolate buttons 🙂

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