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First Month in Abu Dhabi


We arrived early January and have been settling into hotel life. As exciting as it was to finally unpack everything and try to settle into the hotel suite for what was expected to be a very extended stay, we have actually moved thrice since arriving. Once between rooms in the same hotel, and then between hotels to where we are now, and then to a bigger suite here. Completely unsettled is the new settling in.

At the end of the first month the plan was to leave for a quick 26 hour trip to Muscat, Oman to renew our 30-day visitor visas. That didn’t go as planned (post on that soon) but luckily didn’t add another night in another new place. Porter has been great throughout this very long, worldwide transition, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been through trying times. He needs to be more settled (or I do, I’m not sure who needs it more!) and as much as it upsets me to continue to move him place to place, it sucks to see him get upset when we’re packing up again and again. Now, we’re quite happy, but are ready to get into our own house finally. Who knows when that will be. Patience is being exercised. The one piece of advice is to go with the flow here; things happen in their own time.

Enough about that, let’s talk about Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi is a lovely city full of so much to see and do. It’s surreal to be here, looking up at skyscrapers I’ve fawned over on Instagram accounts, and to be here and wake up on a foggy morning hearing the morning prayer call from the Grand Mosque, ringing out over palm trees, is beyond words. It’s incredible.

We have been exploring what we can in the few hours allowed between work or toddler naps. Of course we’ve done some shopping, city drives, running around Yas Marina Circuit, running a 10k race, swimming, park visits, and a little bit of dinning out when we don’t think the toddler crazies will affect us too much.


We’ve also been on one quick house hunting trip. In regards to housing, we can’t get serious until our permanent visas come in and we are allowed to actually apply for a rental. Properties go in hours, apparently, so we have to pick from what is available when we are actually ready. If the selection is anything like the four houses we previewed, I’m sure we’ll be perfectly happy. We’ve identified a few different areas we’d like to live, and all have enough room for dogs, baby (babies eventually), and guests. Like I said earlier, we are itching to get into a house, make it home, and start living normal life again.

You know, it was a shock to be asked to go to Abu Dhabi, but being here now…it’s a gift. People are so friendly and happy, the weather has been great, and like I mentioned earlier the amount of things to do here never ceases to amaze me. It will be exciting to set up a house, start getting involved in our own hobbies, and hopefully start making friends and finding things to regularly do. In addition to that, I am so excited and thankful to be able to be a long-term guest in an Arabic culture. So far, so amazing. I don’t have the proper words to articulate that enough right now.

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