First Fall in Sweden

Yay! Fall is here! (Höst är här!)

I’m excited mostly because October is my birthday month, and everyone loves fall and October time…but I really love it. I’m not a hot hot heat summer person, in fact, this summer in Sweden it was nice and sunny, but I craved the rain and dark skies. Those feelings I’m sure I’ll regret in no time, and those days I’ll long for this coming dark winter, I’m sure. In any case, fall makes me feel like going to college, and it always has. Even when I was young, I envisioned myself at a campus in the Northeast, wearing a chunky sweater and loafers…I’m not kidding. Then, when I realized Berkeley gets just as beautiful as any east coast town in the fall, I fell in love and took walks daily just to look at trees. I even spent the better half of my fall Art class making leaf-inspired ceramics and paintings…

…and, well, I’m a dork.

But, hello! We all love fall! So, like any good blogger, I have to add my 2 öre and talk about it; what I love, what I plan, etc.

What do I love about fall? PUMPKINS.

Wanna know what I can find to save my life in Sweden? PUMPKINS.

w. t. f.

And it’s not like you can ship a pumpkin here. Same with canned pumpkin, no point in shipping it. What is a girl to do?

I’ll say it outright: This is a travesty and Sweden is borderline/has gone down in my book as a severely deprived country. Practically uncultured. I can hardly function.

Now that the dramatics are out of the way, I decided to think about what else I like in the fall besides pumpkin baked goods.

Two words: Apple Fritters 

Am I right? Yes. In a twist of fate, in which Sweden almost redeems itself from citizen deprivation status, Linköping actually has a ton of apple trees just planted everywhere. Since we already know Matt’s nature-theft tendencies  I’m sure no one will be surprised to hear that he loads up pockets, literally, of apples to bring home. Organic and local, yes! Illegal/strange? …probably, I don’t really know how people feel about taking public apples.

But, he bakes with them, and so far those apples haven’t proven to be poisonous. Ergo, I look the other way and enjoy my man’s apple pies. (A real man knows his way around a cast iron apple pie.)

On our dog walk this morning, through crisp yellow fallen leaves, I was hanging my head, cursing myself for missing Starbucks (punkinspicelatte!), when it hit me: find an apple fritter!

I don’t think they sell a real, suburban grocery store quality (sarcasm), donuty apple fritter here in town…at least not that I’ve seen? Or tasted? (I haven’t looked that hard) But that’s what I wanted. So, I googled an easy recipe from a trusted source, and got to baking this afternoon.

home made apple fritters

Aaaaand, the were real good. Like, real good. We didn’t have powdered sugar, but we did have vanilla sugar which substituted JUST LOVELY on these puppies.

I’ve now deep-fried 2 whole things in my life. Hush puppies for my favorite Marines, back in 2008, and now these donuts. Considering Matt and I had a total of about 4 small ones and now feel the need to see a heart-doctor, I don’t think this will become a trend.

Mmmmmm….hit the spot. Fall has officially arrived now that I’ve had my fattening seasonal baked good.

(Note: apple fritters are not seasonal, I know this. Also, I don’t discriminate on any baked goods at anytime of the year. But it felt right, so go with it.)

Now, if anyone reading knows where in the hell to find some canned pumpkin in Sweden, let a girl know, yeah? There’s at least a few Americans wandering around depressed in the grocery stores. (Also, if it’s painfully obvious and we just haven’t found it…please point that out nicely.)

What else do I love about fall?

changing sky views
long shadows
crunchy leaves
bursts of color
cozy evening lights

And sweaters! Here’s a few that I’m eyeballing around town, waiting to pounce and call it a birthday present to myself:

And, cake. I guess here in Sweden it is more customary to buy and bring your own damn cake to your own damn birthday. SO I SHALL. Dear Linds, It’s on. (Can I put in an order for pumpkin?)

these two options look highly promising. look! even an ‘autumn’ cake!
or a cake with my beautiful face on it! note: that’s not my face.

Fall in Sweden is gorgeous. Here’s to hoping it’s a longer season, and winter doesn’t just happen. Like in Colorado, or Montana, or Minnesota, or North Dakota, where I know it’s already snowed a bit. *shudder* In the meantime, bring on the sunny crisp days, beautiful long sunsets, and warm drinks. And my BIRTHDAY!!!


*googled image of pathetically sad pumpkin found here

*additional apologies for the low-quality iPhone photos of trees…

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  1. Hej Katie, Maybe you have been able to find canned pumpkin in Sweden since writing this article, but if you haven’t, then I would be happy to help you out! I have been able to find various brands of canned pumpkin at several larger ICA stores (kvantum or maxi). I live in Stockholm but I would think that at least one of the larger groceries stores near you should have it! There is usually an international section, or even better, an “American section” in the stores. Hope you have been able to find it! I recently wrote a post about finding Thanksgiving ingredients/components in Sweden that might help 🙂
    lycka till!

    1. I have never been able to find canned pumpkin in the stores in Linköping, but I will be looking now to see if our ICA carries it – thanks for the heads up! I don’t actually need any pumpkin because the first year we lived here we put in an order with the US Army pilots my husband worked with for a pallet (yes) of Libby’s, so we’ve been well stocked the past three years! It does seem like there is more American food/brands showing up all the time and, I might be crazy, but it feels like even some American holidays or traditions are celebrated a bit more each year here (Halloween mostly comes to mind). I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your Swede’s family! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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