Farmer’s Market at the Castle

Two unruly, yet highly scheduled, hound dogs means one thing: No sleeping in on weekend mornings. Nope, at 6am they are wide awake waiting for food and their morning walk. Typically we can quiet them down for another hour or two, but once we’re up a walk follows soon after.

A couple Saturday mornings ago we found ourselves next to our local 13th century cathedral and the town’s castle. Not so unusual considering they are what we walk around on one of our regular routes. Well, this particular Saturday there were tents being set up, and people pulling out meats, vegetables, flowers, berries, etc. from their trucks. A farmer’s market! Our favorite!

linköping castle and farmer’s market
herbs and succulents looking tempting

Now, with two unruly hound dogs, this is not the ideal time to walk around. Piper’s personal mission is to eat every last bit of food off the streets, and I doubt she’d take into consideration that she’d need to pay for the food these people were displaying…

So, we finished our walk, hit the ATM, and headed over. Being up early is actually pretty cool here in Linköping, I think, because the streets are empty. I’ve noticed that some of the first people out walking around are older folks, then eventually after 10am the town really picks up. It’s so like Matt and I to be the early birds along with people of retirement age or older…

So, there we were, milling about this farmer’s market in the “square” next to the castle, in the shadow of the Domkyrka. Everything being sold piqued our interest, but alas, we only have so much money. Luckily, my Mom was on her way out to visit, so we had a good excuse to indulge a bit more than usual.

the goods

Most unique: Violet flavored honey. Tastes like candied flowers! Most unusual: ostrich meats. Pretty good actually, and the guys let me hold the real, display ostrich egg! There were colorful vegetables galore, like purple and bright pink celery (?) stalks, which I wish I would’ve photographed. Alas, between a language barrier and a growing crowd, and general shy-ness, I’m not always so comfortable taking pictures. Just being real.

i lied. i snuck one picture of some awesome veggies.

But then there was the older woman on a bike with a brown paper wrapped bunch of flowers strapped to the back carrier, and the 10+ dads with strollers huddling in the center of the market, waiting. Only in Sweden. I love it. I wish I could show you guys!

I did happen to take a couple of pictures of Matt though, because I realized he looked SO OPPOSITE of what most people think about him. Here was my ex-Marine, ex-logger, sometimes hunter, carrying a bag of Kale and wearing my Fjällräven bag and designer sunglasses.

where is your flannel, sir?

Jesus Christ. We mind as well just move to Brooklyn now. We’re hipster without trying…

The flowers being sold were gorgeous and we found Gladiolus for 10:- each (cheap! that’s like… $1.something!) and lilies for 4 for 100:-. Boom! Flowers for dayz. The house literally smelled like a lily-bomb for a couple of weeks. Ahhhh!

flowers galore!

We rounded our shopping trip out by stopping at the local cheese shop, then the bread shop for fresh-baked “bagels” and ONE big chocolate ball (self-control).

Lilla Brödboden has, hands down, THE BEST chocolate balls around. I know because I’ve tried every option in town. Fact.

One the way up the elevator Matt told me I couldn’t possibly look more Swedish, what with my all black ensemble, knock-off chucks, and giant lilies, and at that I called the first few hours of the weekend a spectacular success!

american imposter

I think we’re assimilating nicely here. At least it feels like it. Even if our Swedish still isn’t understood…

It’s fun living in Europe and walking around to get the week’s vegetables, bread, and cheese. Dreams do come true, y’all.


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