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Copenhagen – December 2013

When my friend solidified plans to come out here with her family, she and I decided (for the group?) to take a mini trip to Copenhagen. So just after Christmas day we all set off, the four of them on a train, and Matt, Porter and I in the car, to meet up again in Copenhagen at our amazing airbnb apartment AT the Marble Church.



We stayed for a few days, wandering around the city to see some of the more popular sites, as well as some of the more meaningful places to us on personal levels.



The first day there, we set off as a group to see the Christmas Market at Tivoli, walking there via Strøget.




This was the first time to Tivoli for all of us, and I’m not sure how things look normally, but during Christmas it was beautiful! We braved the theme park for a little while, but it was a very cold day; however, it was enough time to convince me that…maybe Tivoli is better than Disneyland? I mean, there was a VIKING SHIP ride. C’mon.


After Tivoli, Matt and I were to lead the gang to somewhere we have wanted to go for a little while – the Mikkeller Bar (AND OMG they have one in San Fransico?! Whaaa?! GET THEE TO THE BAR). Mikkeller is a microbrewery based out of Copenhagen and they produce some incredible beers. So, we took our guests for a bit of a tasting. The Carlsberg Brewery is obviously a great place to visit while in Copenhagen, but if you’re into beers/microbrews/Belgian styles, give Mikkeller a try. The price is worth it.



Yes, Porter went to the bar with us. No, he didn’t try anything. No, I didn’t really try much either. And, despite bringing the cool factor way down with a baby in the bar, he behaved himself like a true Scandinavian and didn’t draw any attention to himself (other than being the adorable fellow that he just naturally is). We went during the day and while we were out walking around, so I hope it wasn’t inappropriate at all? The guys there didn’t really seem to care, so…meh.

Moving on…the next day we set off on foot to go see something near and dear to our friends’ hearts: Soren Kierkegaard‘s grave at the Assistens Cemetery (Hans Christian Andersen’s grave is also located here).






They did a sort of Kierkegaard Pilgrimage that day, but after going to the Cemetery and grabbing some lunch, Matt and I took off on our own to go to Rosenborg Castle, which then turned into walking around that part of Copenhagen taking pictures and ending up over at the Kastellet.





Staying at our nice apartment with a view, we would usually just pick up breakfast/dinner foods at the corner grocery stores and then eat casually at home. I swear this makes traveling so much better, and it obviously helps immensely with a baby. The size and location of this particular place also made the trip really nice for all of us (three couples and a baby!).

The last day in Copenhagen found us split up again, since check out of the apartment was early. So, our friends went to a service at the Marble Church and then did some more site seeing in the city, while Matt and I set off back to Sweden, stopping at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art on the way.


Our trip was shorter than it normally would’ve been (Porter can now say he had a meltdown in front of a Jackson Pollock…), but we really enjoyed our time at the museum, especially The Arctic exhibit that’s going on now.  We plan on making it back to see some of the upcoming exhibits this year, too.

All in all, Copenhagen remains one of our absolute favorite cities, and it seems that our friends also felt that way. The people of Copenhagen make the biggest impact, I think, as they are refreshing and vibrant, and the attitude just seems awesome down there.

Do I want to live in the city and run with my babies in their stroller to work? YES. Do I want to pedal them around in bikes with baby carriages on the front? YES. Do I want to assimilate completely and become a Dane? Yes, I do.

Now, that being said, I might be kicked out of Sweden…


*All photos were taken with our Christmas present, a new super wide-angle lens and then edited with the Snapseed app, which our friends introduced us to during this visit. There may or may not have been many times we were all on our devices taking/editing/uploading our pictures as we went… Nice thing about friends with the same hobbies as you, you learn a lot more 🙂

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