What’s Going On?!

Did I already title a moronically overdue post the same recently? Probably. What’s been going on lately, y’all?! I’m constantly all over the place, as usual, and I’ve missed this platform. I have ten thousand unpublished drafts from the past few months and most of them will probably stay that way. Feels good to write, but […]

Vienna, Austria


In July 2016 we traveled to Vienna, Austria! You can read the first post in this series HERE. Day 2 – Zoom Kindermuseum Our second full day in Vienna, Austria was definitely on the slower side. We took our time in the morning, then made our way over to the Museumsquartier again, where we found ZOOM Kindermuseum. First […]

Old Town Bratislava
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Day Cruise from Vienna to Bratislava

If you are in Vienna (or Bratislava) I highly recommend doing a Danube boat cruise! When our good friend visited Vienna a couple of years ago, she popped over to Bratislava, Slovakia for the day. She took a train there and a high-speed catamaran back. Being that the boat cruise took about an hour, and her pictures […]

Hatta Dam

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2016 will apparently go down in history as a tough, crappy year. I can’t disagree on some major points. I can try to focus on the positive and exciting things that happened, though. So, let’s get to it! Best things first, our Henry was born! My father was able to travel to […]

abu dhabi supermoon


It’s a quiet, calm Saturday morning, I woke up early with the kids and fed the dogs. I made coffee and pancakes for the family, got everyone settled and finally, finally, am able to retreat to the office by myself for the first time in a very long time. Hallelujah! It’s comical how, no matter […]