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Brussels, Belgium – November 2013

I’m going to do +/- 3 posts on Belgium because, pictures.

Regarding the travel aspect, there isn’t much we did differently than before: Ryanair, airbnb, etc. But, I will say that we learn a little more each trip, and it makes life infinitely more enjoyable to refine travel details more and more (duh). Also, we went to the library and checked out three big travel books that were awesomely helpful (also a duh, perhaps).

Also, minor detail, this was our first trip with a baby. I guess we did a few things differently to accommodate him…so, I might write a “Traveling With Baby” (update: I did) post after these pictures? Because I like reading other people’s advice, so maybe I’ve got something that’ll be helpful to add? Whatever. We’ll see. Let’s not get too ambitious here, it’s hard enough to post anything already…

We stayed in Brussels, in an apartment in a quieter area (not the city center), right next to a metro stop and a giant grocery store (HUGE Carrefour!) – all of which MADE the trip. We planned on renting a car and had one booked (the thought: because traveling with a baby might prove to be easier if we don’t have to rely on public transportation schedules); however, a week before the trip we decided to cancel the car and rely completely on public transport and we’re so happy we did. The costs evened out, and there were only 2 trips where we had to haul all our stuff around the city (arriving and departing), none of which was a big deal.

We carried on our luggage in backpacking backpacks, got one free checked travel stroller, and paid for a checked baby item (was going to be our travel cot, but that was WAY too heavy, so we broke down the lightweight rock n’ play, which worked AMAZING). It’s a really great thing we brought the stroller because it turned out to be used as a luggage cart…and only a luggage cart. Which was awesome for those two trips with all of our stuff! The rest of the time, I carried the baby in the Baby Bjorn. All in all, we could’ve brought a lot less, but again, you have to learn something each trip.


What a spectacular country. I cannot emphasize enough how much we LOVED LOVED LOVED Belgium. OK, I’ll admit that we were drawn to visiting there because we are inherently huge fans of Belgian beer/food (New Belgium and Cock and Bowl sealed that fate long ago), and frankly, who cares why you want to go to a country, right? Because it may have been the beer that enticed us to go…but we’d like to move there because of the: people, languages, cities, countryside, foggy mornings, trains, bikes, waffles, chocolates… & pain au chocolates, etc. I’m ready. Who do I have to talk to (over beers) about Belgium purchasing Sikorsky helicopters?

Rather than detail the trip out, I’d rather just put up some pictures. Go to Belgium!
















and, to leave you with some crowning glory, the Pissing Boy:


This is a touristy attraction. We had no real ambition to find it, but then there we were on some back streets and a crowd of people were looking at this (rather uninspiring?) corner…


Of all the things “to see!” in Brussels…

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