Happy New Year!


How did we get to 2014?

My BEST FRIEND is currently visiting Sweden (by some miracle/her generous in-laws) and upon my complete and utter excitement to welcome her and her family to our ridiculous apartment, I put some old pictures of her and I on a digital picture frame that we could laugh over during their visit. Some of those pictures are over 10 years old…and though I know how long it’s been since we first became friends, it still seems shocking that it was so long ago that we were so young. Somehow, we became adults?


My new year’s resolution is always the same and has been since…well, I was as young as some of the pictures I dug up, and that is: to make this year better than the last. So far…that seems to be the best resolution. Each year has ups and downs, but as long as there is something to look back on and really cherish, I consider it a win.

My best friend being here, we find ourselves at random moments standing together and being like, “If we would have been told at 16 this is where we’d find ourselves eventually…!” I always finish with: “I’d have spontaneously combusted right then.” And it’s so, so, so true. I believe there was one new year’s eve that we stayed up drawing and making shrinky dinks on the kitchen floor, and this year she’s visiting me in SCANDINAVIA (which is indescribably amazing because we’ve grown up celebrating our Scandinavian heritages).


*Make this year better than the last*

Sometimes it’s been by my own doing, but more often than not my years become better because of the other people in my life. And really, that’s all that’s important to me.

And 2013 is kind of going to be hard to top because I met my favorite person ever: Porter.


Sweden has been so incredible to us. And incredible to experience. And I hope our last “for sure” year here we can make the absolute most of it. We have a lot to learn still, and a lot to see, and a lot to do. And (I hope!) a few more people to welcome, show around, and explore more of this awesome country with.

All that being said, Happy New Year to YOU. Thanks for reading 🙂

For fun, Linköping at midnight from the baller point of view that this homebody probably doesn’t deserve 🙂

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