Bangkok, Thailand

Downtown Bangkok Shopping Centers

Thailand is obviously well-known for its food and food culture. When I read about a mall food court called Food Republik, located in Siam Center, I knew it would be a good place for us to visit. First, because it is highly recommended and second, Siam Center is located in Pathum Wan District, known for its […]

Bangkok Canal

Bangkok Tourists

It’s been a year since we were such Bangkok tourists and I still haven’t posted most of the pictures. Sad! After our first day venturing into Bangkok to see Wat Pho, we decided to head back up the Chao Praya to see the Grand Palace. The goal was to take the public river boat transport, […]


Our First Day in Bangkok

I was firmly against going to Southeast Asia with young kids. Then we went there with a 3 year old and a 6 month old. I have historically been totally pro-travel with young kids, but I drew the line at SE Asia. Something about more hot and humid weather, lots of young well-to-do Westerners looking to […]


What’s Going On?!

Did I already title a moronically overdue post the same recently? Probably. What’s been going on lately, y’all?! I’m constantly all over the place, as usual, and I’ve missed this platform. I have ten thousand unpublished drafts from the past few months and most of them will probably stay that way. Feels good to write, but […]

Vienna, Austria


In July 2016 we traveled to Vienna, Austria! You can read the first post in this series HERE. Day 2 – Zoom Kindermuseum Our second full day in Vienna, Austria was definitely on the slower side. We took our time in the morning, then made our way over to the Museumsquartier again, where we found ZOOM Kindermuseum. First […]